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LTA-approved Smart E-bike packed with cutting-edge technology, built with the finest materials

Top Features

What's new in this latest LTA-approved Ebike

- Ultra-light aluminium construction, weighs only 14kg
- Smart Drive System for auto speed adjustment

- Max Speed - 20km/h

- Instant acceleration & powerful performance

- Up to 50-70km per charge

- 2hr super fast charging

- 20-inch Wheels on a Trapezoid body structure

- Easy bluetooth pairing with IOS/Android App

- Track distance, time, battery, etc.

- Drive mode control, positioning, navigation, intelligent anti-theft, data analysis.

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1. Let's Start with Design

It’s art as well as technology, but above all, it is respect for people, for the human is the ultimate measure of design

Lightweight Construction

With a lightweight design, the Tsinova E-bike is only 14 kg, or half as heavy as a traditional electric bike. 




of normal ebike

Trapezoid body structure

In departure from the traditional triangular structure,

the E-bike features a unique trapezoid body structure which

transmits vibration to the rear to avoid direct impact on the

head tube and the saddle and provide enhanced comfort.

Meanwhile, the body lines are softer and smoother and more

visually pleasing and add to rider comfort.

The E-bike uses aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum alloy with outstanding strength and structural stability.  Remelting is followed by puttying and polishing to ensure smooth melting.

Top-notch Materials and Consummate Engineering

2. Riding Experience

Unprecedented ultra-light riding

The TSI Smart E-bike is powered by the same Panasonic lithium ion battery used by Tesla. 

It features a battery management system (BMS) developed in collaboration with Panasonic to deliver a battery range as long as 70 km with exceptional efficiency and safety. The battery is detachable and only 1 kg and charged fully in 2 hours.

Ultra-long battery range, Convenient charging

Intelligent Power Transmission

Power transmission based on a vehicle-level timing belt ensures a smooth flow of power, durability, cleanness and quietness.

Automatic Speed Adjustment Based on Road Conditions

VeloUP! smart drive system fitted on the TSI smart e-bike provides intelligent understanding of road conditions and judgment of rider intentions.experience wherever you ride, be it flat,uphill or against the wind.

Instantaneous Acceleration and Powerful Performance

The vehicle-level 32-bit Freescale processor calculates riding data from three sensors within milliseconds and accurately regulates power output from a high-performance brushless geared motor, making it effortless for the E-bike to reach the legal speed limit of 20 km/h.



3. Technology

What makes this a Smart E-bike

Onboard Diagnosis for Guaranteed Mobility

The onboard diagnosis (OBD) system provides real-time monitoring & diagnosis of various components of the E-bike such as battery, motor, controllers, sensors and quick and accurate identification of any malfunction

Powerful and Stable Automotive Chip

The 32-bit Freescale ARM Cortex-M0+ auto-

motive processor, with a faster speed and

stronger performance, provides quick connection and a safer and more satisfying riding experience. 

Mobile Connectivity & Constant Upgrade

With our custom app connected via Bluetooth, you get access to extensive features like drive mode control, positioning, navigation, intelligent anti-theft, data analysis.  

Upgrades are available from time to time with more functions to make the most out of your E-bike

Easy Riding Control Your Fingertips

More Choices, More Fun

TSINOVA provides 4 assisted drive modes which can be adjusted via the APP to give the rider a free choice of power and speed.

Comprehensive Pedelec Info

Read battery power, riding time, ridden distance and other info from phone. Such comprehensive info helps the rider to make better riding control.

Easy Navigation

Built-in navigation function enables the rider to set the starting place and destination and follow directions to smoothly reach the destination.

Happiness For All

Riders can record riding route and scenery along the way and share them on social media to let their friends know of the amazing moments

4. Safety & Security

Comprehensive protection

Real-time Location Positioning

The E-bike can be tracked in real time via the Tsinova app, with location information remaining available for as long as 72 hours even when the E-bike is power off. There is no need to worry about theft.

Night Vision System

The high-intensity deep-penetrating LED lights effectively ensure safety for riding in the night.

As Seen on TV

Warranty Info

- Frame: 5 years

- Motor: 2 years

- Controllers: 1 years

- Battery: 2 years

- Charger: 1 year

- PCB board: 2 years

What's Included:

1) Tsinova E-Bike        2) Battery     3) Charger     4) Manual     5) Tools for adjustment 

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Special Price: $1688 (U.P. $3376)

2 Years Warranty

For motor and battery

Cash on Delivery

Secure transaction

Free Delivery

In 1-2 days

You may come to our warehouse at 31 Woodlands Close #07-06 (Mon-Fri, excl public holidays, 1pm-6pm) to view and test ride. 

Please SMS 90238932 and get a confirmation at least 1hr before coming. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

We carry a range of bicycles and scooters of other brands as well so you'll definitely find something that fits you!

Viewing/Test-Ride (by appointment only)

Q: Does the e-bike require any assembly?

A: No, the e-bike is fully assembled upon delivery

Q: How do i claim warranty?

A: You can use the invoice or warranty card or your contact number entered during order to claim. We will collect it for repair and return it to you free of charger

Q: How is the Tsinova e-bike different from the other e-bikes?

A: The Tsinova e-bike is a smart e-bike that's 1/2 the weight of traditional e-bikes, you can control various aspects of your ride and track your ride easily with the custom app

Q: What if i dont know how to use the app?

A: There's a detailed manual guide in the box that provides detailed explanation on pairing and using the app

Q: Who is this e-bike for?

A: This e-bike is for anyone above 16 yrs old, who travels frequently and are looking for a convenient, comfortable travelling tool

Q: How do I order?

A: You can order through the order form on this page or SMS 90238932 to order

Q: May I know the full tech specs of this e-bike?

A: Here


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